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Is Your Private Social Media Profile Hurting Your Real Estate Business?

Private social media profiles hurt your real estate business

Strangely enough there are real estate professionals out there that do not understand the power of social media. They think about social media as a place to mindlessly scroll. A place filled with endless photos of food, women, cats, and jokes. Things that do not help you grow your business but only slow your business. I am here today to tell you that they are dead wrong.

Social media is a place where a real estate professional can endlessly grow their advertising at little to no cost to them. Simply by generating engaging content and engaging with others content they can get more eyes on their business. This is a far cry from back when we used to have to pay huge money $$$ to get our message out to any sizable audience. It really is all about perspective and usage.

As a real estate broker I always find it shocking to see a Realtor® with a private social media profile. It gives me a few feelings like " I wonder what they do that is so bad they do not want the public to see" or, "I wonder who they are hiding from" or , "I wonder who they spy on" or, "Do they know they could be getting business by staying front of mind". Of all these things I think when I see a private profile not one of them screams success.

Real estate is a front of mind business where people who know, like, and trust us interact with us when it comes time to buy or sell. That brings to light the question of why hide? I do understand that some people use excuses like it is my private life or it is my personal time. This may be true a tiny percentage of the time but you can also filter down who sees things by the post so you could hide those limited times.

Overall my suggestion would be to work to grow your social media presence. Do it in a way where your profile is helping your business grow. Remember your personal profile can not just become a business media channel and find success. Keep it 50+% personal life and the rest business and people will follow. Learn to tell the story of your life and you may be surprised how many people want to follow. Take advantage of these free tools to grow your real estate business.

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