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Are Zillow Leads Worth It?

Realtor holding a for sale sign with Zillow

When it comes to "buying" leads, it is a very interesting subject that real estate agents often don't fully comprehend. A common question for real estate agents is, "Are Zillow leads worth it?" This question arises due to the substantial investment required to purchase leads. The pressure associated with this investment not only stems from the desire to convert Zillow leads into sales but also from the need to improve lead qualification. Purchasing leads on Zillow presents a unique challenge for most agents. Zillow generates so many leads for agents that they often struggle to find the time for proper follow-up. While time constraints can be a genuine issue, the key lies in mastering the art of lead qualification. Qualifying Zillow leads is a distinctive process that requires careful handling. Push too hard, and you risk alienating potential clients; fail to push enough, and you may find yourself in endless showings that don't result in sales. After successfully buying Zillow leads for over six years and achieving a return on investment, one of my strongest cautions to you is against over-vetting leads. You must become comfortable with the fact that real estate is a relationship-based business, and lead conversion takes time. Agents who are overly protective of their time often struggle to convert leads. When a Zillow lead feels that they are not valued, they are likely to walk away. There are two questions that can lead to poor conversion rates and dishonest responses. The first question is, "Do you already have an agent?" This question is often posed before meeting with a prospect to screen out clients who may already have an agent. However, the risk is that they may be dissatisfied with their current agent, and you could inadvertently disqualify them from considering your services. The other potentially problematic question is, "Are you pre-approved?" It's not that helping our clients get pre-approved isn't important, but it's worth noting that this person may not yet be familiar with you and could be new to the entire process. You can ask less confrontational questions and aim to learn more about their situation. By investing time like this, you can help them better understand the process and guide them toward getting pre-approved. Overall, Zillow leads have proven to be a valuable investment for me and my brokerage. I believe in them so much that I even provide them at no cost to my agents. This ensures that our agents have a consistent stream of new leads to work with. In real estate, the sooner you start attending showings and listing appointments, the sooner you'll find success. So, if you're asking the question, "Are Zillow Leads Worth It?" the answer is YES. Keep this mantra in mind: "They are Zillow's once and mine forever."


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