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Three Simple Elements of a Good Review

What do people find when they Google you? Reviews?

Gaining online reviews should be a major goal of every real estate agent. Online reviews are as good as a referral when leveraged off of correctly. In the modern world where people spend most of their time online they have learned to look at reviews as social currency. It helps them make “educated” opinions based on other’s results. Now all you have to do is make sure to garner great reviews.

The first key element to a good review is for it to be descriptive of what went on. Have your client describe the process of working with you. Make sure they take time to explain places where they found you to be helpful to their journey. Ask them to include as much detail as possible.  

The second element is to describe how they met you. Whether it be that they knew you their whole life or they met you online. It helps other readers know that you serve everyone. While Mom’s review can be there, an unbiased online review really has a lot of power to it. Showing off the fact that you give a great experience every time is sure to attract other clients. 

The third element is honesty. People like to control their reviews to the point where it is all peaches and roses. The truth is life has its ups and downs. Have people give you true honest feedback. If there was a challenge, talk about it. Make sure the reader knows you stick through the thick and thin of real estate. 

In the year 2024 and moving forward people will rely more and more on online reviews to find help. Take the initiative to provide such a superior service that people look to write you reviews. When someone goes to Google and types in your name what will they find? If that answer is not amazing reviews the time to start working on it is now.

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