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Turning Leads to Clients

Leads to clients is what it is all about.

Every agent that wants to be successful in real estate must learn to do two things. The first thing they must do is learn to generate a steady stream of new leads. They need a flow that is constant so that they can maintain a long term business. The second thing they need to learn to do is convert those leads to clients. While this may seem like a clear thing most agents spend their time focused on a list of other things.

A lead simply put is someone who has given you their contact information allowing you to reach out. Remember a lead is not just a phone number and a name that is called a list and also is a method of prospecting. The difference between lists and a lead is the desire to talk. Lists are available for very cheap and are often misrepresented as leads. For the purpose of this blog moving forward we are only talking about leads.

Now that we have distinguished what a lead is now we need to figure out how to get them talking and working with us. Lead conversion is the art of relationship building. With the modern agent often relying on the computer to automate property results contact points have gone down in quality. Successful agents understand that clients want your attention and you to help them make the move.

When working with leads it is important to learn to bring value. Having many value-add points of contact is what takes a lead and converts them into an engaged client. Home buyer courses, home seller courses, market reports, and other value driven content are all great ways to stay in communication with your leads. Sitting back and waiting is what the amateurs do. Waiting for a buyer to request a showing versus reaching out and asking for the appointment separates the top producers and the agents who never make it.

Whether working towards landing a listing or a buyer client, the name of the game is the same. Be the agent who takes charge and guides the way with certainty. Listen to your leads' needs, wants, and desires while acting as their agent. By taking this role of command they will understand that they are in good hands. Waiting for them to make the first moves and keep the energy going is the fastest way to see your leads become another agent's clients. Start investing your time and energy into your leads and you will be impressed with the results. Be the catalyst of the conversation moving forward.


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