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Building America Back as a Realtor®: Supporting Local Businesses

Be the Realtor® who supports local business.


In today’s real estate landscape, the role of a Realtor® extends beyond property transactions; it’s about being a cornerstone in rebuilding and supporting our communities, especially in the post-pandemic era. As Realtors®, we are uniquely positioned to not only help our clients find their dream homes but also to play a pivotal role in revitalizing American small businesses. This blog aims to shed light on practical ways we, as realtors, can contribute to this important cause while adding immense value to our clients’ real estate experience.

Supporting Local Businesses:

First and foremost, partnering with local businesses is a win-win strategy. Consider this: when you recommend a local home improvement service, a family-owned restaurant, or a community fitness center to your clients, you’re not only supporting these businesses but also helping your clients acclimate to their new surroundings. Develop a network of trusted local businesses and services that you can refer to your clients. This network doesn’t just help the community's economy; it also enhances your reputation as a well-connected and knowledgeable Realtor®.

Creating Community-Based Events:

Another impactful approach is organizing or sponsoring local community events. Think about hosting homeowner workshops, local art showcases, or neighborhood block parties. These events are excellent opportunities for your clients to get to know their community, and for local businesses to gain exposure. By being the facilitator of such events, you position yourself as a community-centric Realtor®, deeply invested in the welfare of both your clients and the neighborhood.

Utilizing Social Media and Online Platforms:

In this digital era, your online presence is a powerful tool. Use your social media platforms and website to promote local businesses. A blog post about the best local eateries or a social media shoutout to a new boutique in town can go a long way. This not only aids in the marketing efforts of these small businesses but also provides valuable local insights to your followers, further establishing your role as a Realtor® who truly cares about the community.


In conclusion, as Realtors®, we have the unique privilege and responsibility to contribute to the resurgence of American small businesses. By intertwining our real estate practices with support for local enterprises, we not only enhance our clients' experiences but also foster stronger, more resilient communities. Let’s embrace this role wholeheartedly and be at the forefront of building America back, one neighborhood at a time.

Remember, each small step we take can lead to significant strides in revitalizing our local economies and enriching the lives of our clients and community members.


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