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Listing Agent Best Practices

Realtor working as a seller's agent with a listing.

The hyper excited market that we have been in over the past few years has lead to a lot of list agents loosing their way. They have taken complete advantage of the idea that the home is going to sell fast. Knowing that the job of selling the home is done they often resolve back to no showings until the open house and all offers are due by a certain date a few days later sometimes even that day. This has really added a unique challenge as a buyer's agent to get the client into the home if they are not able to attend the open house.

Frankly put this is total bullshit! As a listing agent it is your job to sell the home for the most amount of money possible at the best terms possible for your clients. It has been proven time and time again that getting the most eyeballs on a property leads to more offers leading to a better sale result. Limiting the time period buyers can view the home certainly does not follow the methodology of showing the most buyers the home.

As listing agents we need to bring private showings back. Private showings serve many functions when it comes to showing a home. One of the most crucial functions they serve is allowing the client to take an honest look at the home and have time to talk about what they like and do not like about the property. Yes I said what they do not like. Just as important as it is for a buyer to love a home they must be able to openly talk about the home. This helps them mentally get passed any issues and resolve all their questions. Agent that know me know I say "Buyers with questions do not write offers". This means if they can not have the time they need to look they probably will not write an offer.

While I will not say that all the agents not allowing showings are doing it out of laziness, most are. I know some clients may ask for this but in my opinion it is our job to say no. It is our job to explain the negative impacts this has on the entire market seeing the home. I know this is a subject a lot of people disagree on so I would love to hear your thoughts in our Facebook group or in the comments below.

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